Healthy & Tasty recipes with "Kohya Dry Tofu"♪

Healthy & Tasty recipes with "Kohya Dry Tofu"♪

Kohya dry tofu is one of the traditional super food in Japan.

It is high protein, low GI & has plenty of other nutrition.

It is easier for storage, and easy to cook!

Let's see the recipes to enjoy Kohya dry tofu at home♪



Crispy & Melting Agedashi Tofu

Agedashi Tofu is one of the popular Japanese dish in restaurant. But if you use Kohya dry tofu, it is so easy & quick to make at home! The out side is crispy & inside is like melting tofu... enjoy the new texture.

① Soak Kohya dry tofu in hot water (about 50℃) for 10 minutes.

② Squeese the excess water. Cut them in half if you like

③ Dust potato starch around, and shallow fry them in oil both sides. Meanwhile, make sauce. Mix Men Soup or Kombu Tsuyu & hot water 1:4~1:3.

④ Remove excess oil of fried tofu, and place in the sauce. Serve with garnishes such as grated daikon, spring onions, ginger & bonito flakes.


Kohya Tofu Chickenburg Steak

When you add half of grated Kohya dry tofu, you can lower the calories of your dish without spoiling the taste! Enjoy this chicken pates with refreshing ponzu or tasty sweet sour sauce.

① Grate 1/3 to half amount of Kohya dry tofu to chicken mince you use. It is easy to grate with a grater like in the picture. Kohya dry tofu will become around 6 times heavier when it is fully soaked in water.

② Add small amount of water to make the grated Kohya dry tofu softer. Do not add to much water, otherwise the mixture will become too soggy.

③ Add 1 egg, chicken mince and salt & pepper. Combine them well.

④ Make 7cm size round pates with 1.5cm thickness.

⑤ Heat oil in frying pan, and cook both sides of pates with medium heat.

⑥ Serve with grated daikon & shiso leaves if you have, and pour ponzu sauce on top!


Juicy & Soft Kohya Tofu Hot Pot

Such a simple way, but you will find the new texture of Kohya dry tofu. It is lighter than normal tofu, but soft and has a slightly bouncy texture. It soaks enough soup of your hot pot♪


① Place Kohya dry tofu on colander & bowl. Pour boiling water on top to cover and leave with lid on for 5 to 10 minutes. You can also eat this nice soft kohya dry tofu simply with soy sauce & garnishes such as spring onions, grated ginger and bonito flakes!

②Drain the water and add to your hot pot! It is ready to eat soon after the tofu soaks the tasty soup♪


Sweet & Sour Kohya Tofu

By shallow frying, the texture of Kohya dry tofu becomes almost like soft meat. Try sweet sour pork recipe without meat, but with various veges! Enjoy the tasty dish with lower calories. This goes really well with steamed white rice.


① Soak 4 pieces of Kohya dry tofu in hot water (about 50℃) for 10 minutes. Squeese excess water, and cut into half .

②Prepare sweet sour sauce. Mix 2 tbs each of vinegar, soy sauce, tomato sauce, cooking sake, 1.5 tbs sugar, 1 tbs each of mirin & potato starch in a small bowl.

③ Cut any vegetables you like into small size. We used carrot, onion, renkon slices, mushrooms & zucchini this time.

④ Heat 0.5cm depth of oil in frying pan. Dust potato starch on ①, and fry both sides until it becomes crispy.

④ Add your veges from hard ones first.

⑤ Pour the sauce when the veges are ready, and mix well until the sauce gets thickened. It is ready to serve!