Ichiba Gold Coast SHOP report Vol.9

Ichiba Gold Coast SHOP report Vol.9

Ichiba Gold Coast SHOP report Vol.9

Gold Coast Shop 5th Anniversary is still going!

Many customers have visited our shop so far.

Popular items are on sale! Please come and visit us. Don't miss out!





Sale is on until 18th this Saturday!!




Ichiba Gold Coast SHOP report Vol.8

Gold Coast Shop 5th Anniversary!!!!!

Anniversary Sale will go on from 11 January - 18 January 2020.

Please come and see what we are offering you :)



Ichiba Gold Coast SHOP report Vol.7

On 10th December, we are going to present seasonal fruits to our Gold Coast SHOP visitors!!  The presents are limited, so please don't miss it ^0^

vege present ad


We had "Vegetable SALE" on 12th last week.


IMG_5390-001 IMG_5391-001

There were okura, shiso and various veges for Japanese food & other cooking. 3 types of sprouts are useful to use as toppings & to take in extra veges♪

IMG_5405 IMG_5406

"All you can pack" veges are always so popular!! Please pack clever ;)

We have shopping carts prepared.

Thank you very much for visiting our shop last Saturday!! Please don't miss next vege sale too♪




Ichiba Gold Coast SHOP report Vol.6

10th September was "Vegetable SALE" :)

Perfect for the start of spring, NEW onion was in our shop !

We prepared the sample with simply ponzu & bonito flake♪ The taste of new onion is sweeter, and less stronger than normal one and perfect to eat in salad.


IMG_5093 IMG_5094

And many other really fresh vegetables with sale price...!!

IMG_5096 IMG_5099

Of course we have a big range of Japanese food in our shop :)


Thank you very much for visiting our shop on that rainy day!

And for this coming summer, we are going to start sample of NEW "ice cream" in the GC shop. Please try it!!



Ichiba Gold Coast SHOP report Vol.5

The vegetable SALE from Veggie Box has been monthly event and so popular every time. We had "all you can carry sale" on 14th May with onions & carrot $1/bag were sold out in 30 mins!! We had Veggie Box  premium organic vegetables and other vegetables directly from farms which were ALL one coin SALE♪



Also now we started "1 day SALE" in GC shop only on every Friday:) The product will change every time, so please check it in the shop!




Ichiba Gold Coast SHOP report Vol.4

We had many customers for the first open day on Saturday:)

Thank you very much for coming around!! Mr. Aoki's fresh vegetables & fruits were so popular♪

Saturday4-001 Saturday3-001

We have his fresh vegetables & fruits in our Ichiba GC SHOP, so please have a look if you have any chance to visit our shop:) We are going to have some specials occasionally.

野菜3 野菜4-002




Ichiba Gold Coast SHOP report Vol.3

From 18th July 2015, Ichiba Gold Coast SHOP will open on SATURDAY as well !!

GC Saturday Top



24 Activity Crescent

Molendinar QLD 4214

TEL: 1300 128 667

Opening Hour: Monday to Friday 9:00 - 16:00

Saturday 10:00 – 15:00

We close on public holiday and Sunday




Ichiba Gold Coast SHOP report Vol.2

It has been 4 months since our Gold Coast SHOP opened. Hope you tried to have a look inside if you live near by!

値下げ 値下げ値札1-001

There are many items we have only in the shop.... :)

And now, "Shinmei Tsugaru Roman Aomori San 10kg" & "Shinmei Musenmai Koshihikari KantoSan10kg" from Japan are on sale only in the shop!

GC Report1

We have car park as well♪

Parking 2

Address: Daiwa Food Corporation (QLD) Pty Ltd

24 Activity Crescent Molendinar QLD 4214

TEL: 1300 128 667 or 07 5574 4200

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 10:00 – 17:00 (Except public holidays)



Ichiba Gold Coast SHOP report Vol.1

We would like to introduce the inside of our new Ichiba Gold Coast SHOP♪




The most of the items from our website are in the shop. There are many attractive ones from Japan!

写真Edited4       写真Edited3

It is easy to look and take out frozen items from the freezers♪



写真 8       Soy Dressing Pop

Cinamon Pop

Not only the products, but also the atmosphere inside the shop makes you feel like you are in Japan. There are some displayed cards with the items to explaine about the items, how to use them and easy recipes to cook.


We would like our customers to relax and enjoy in our shop, so prepared a table and chairs. Please try FREE daily coffee or tea!

写真Edited5    Table


We will update more information about our new Gold Coast SHOP soon :)