July Monthly ☆七夕☆Special

SSK Goma Creamy (Creamy Sesame) Dressing 300ml 

$3.80 → $3.40 (Exclude Gold Coast) 

The creamy sesame dressing matches with any type of vegetable. Especially this dressing goes well with wakame & tofu salad. Also it is nice dipping sauce for pork or beef hotpot.


Sunyo Low Calorie Fruits Mitsumame (Mixed Fruits with Agar Jelly & Beans) Can 230g

$4.20 → $2.50  40%OFF!!!

Low calorie, 366 kj per can, perfect dessert of mixed fruits with agar jelly cubes & beans. This is one of Japanese traditional deserts.

Karakida Shinshu Hon Juwari Soba (100% Buckwheat Soba Noodle) 200g

$5.30 → $4.75 (Exclude Gold Coast) 

Juwari soba is made only with buckwheat & water, so you will be able to enjoy the maximum flavour and the taste of soba.


House Java Curry Karakuchi (Hot Curry) 185g

$4.85 → $4.35

Fresh hotness from blended spices & deep flavour from fruits.
This is one of the best-selling products in the House brand and has been loved by many people in Japan.