Monthly SALE in October 2019 - Halloween Special 10%OFF!-

Monthly SALE in October 2019 - Halloween Special 10%OFF!-


Sanpo Kurume Tonkotsu (Kurume Style Pork Bone Base Soup) Ramen Cup 89g

$3.65 →$3.30    10% OFF

Kurume in Fukuoka prefecture is the origin of Tonkotsu(pork bone base soup) ramen in Japan. The rich white soup matches well with crispy garlic chips.


Natamame Cha (Roasterd Sword Bean Tea) 4gx10p

$6.20 $5.60

"Natamame" has been used as "beans to remove pus" in Japan to improve oral environment such as swelling or bleeding or uncomfortable stickiness inside mouth. This is because of canavanine which is included in Natamame and has an anti‐inflammatory component. And also Natamame has concanavalin A which helps to stop oral disease by drinking as teal regularly

Also it is said that Natamame helps to ease empyema or alley symptoms such as hay fever, atopic dermatitis and asthma.



Hiruzen Japanese Black Soy Bean Natto 49.30gx2p

$3.90 $3.50

This natto uses GMO Free Japanese black soy beans from Okayama prefecture which is known as the best black soy beans in Japan.

Its soft & moist texture of the black beans are to be enjoyed for each bean. Not only the texture and the taste, but also black soy beans contains various nutrition, and one of them is polyphenol which has antioxidative effect.


FUTABA Sacre Lemon (Shaved Ice with Lemon) 200ml

$2.30 $2.05

The "Sacre" range has been loved in Japan since it started to be sold. This lemon flavour is the original one and the whole lemon slice on the top matches well with the sweet shaved ice and it is so refreshing!