Monthly SALE in September 2019 -Japanese Rice Crackers 30%OFF!-


Sanko Salad Okaki Rice Crackers Salt Flavour 12p

$3.00 →$2.10    30%off!!!

You will enjoy the light crunchy texture & nice flavour of rice. Mild tasty salt flavour.


Sanko Kokuto(Brown Sugar) Milk Rice Crackers 2x7p

$3.00 $2.70 (Excluding Gold Coast shop)

The sweetness from Okinawa brown sugar & milky taste are matching well. Enjoy with the light crispy rice crackers.


Minari Matsutake Furikake (Matsutake Mushroom Rice Seasoning) 85g

$6.60 $5.95

Matsutake mushroom is a delicacy in Japan. Usually it is used in mixed rice, grill and soup to enjoy the great smell of Japanese autumn. Please enjoy the flavour on your hot rice. It is good for your onigiri(rice balls) or as seasoning for your pasta.



Daisho Kimchi Nabe Soup(Medium Spicy Hot Pot Soup) 3-4 serves

$4.20 $3.80

Straight type hot pot soup for 3-4 serves. Medium spicy kimchi hot pot soup is perfect for everyone. Korean chilli paste, prawn & clam broth gives depth to the taste. To finish off the hot pot, add cooked rice, diced tomato & cheese. You can enjoy spicy rich seafood risotto! 


Hokkaido Kotsubu (Smaller Soy Beans) Natto 45gx3p

$2.65 $2.40

Winning prize of the excellent quality gold prize from Monde Selection. This natto uses 100% Hokkaido soy beans(GM free) from the fields where is perfectly maintained the condition of soil & growing of the soy beans without relying on artificial fertiliser or pesticides as much as possible.