November Monthly SALE!!

November Monthly SALE!!

2019-11-01 09:00:36

Konnyaku Men (Dried Konjack Noodles) 25gx12pcs

$10.15 $9.15   

This dried konnyaku noodles does not use any agricultural chemical.
Easy to store and yummy because it has a chewy texture containing 1.5 times more fibers than normal konnyaku and good for diet as well It becomes 2.5 times bigger after it is boiled.

Please use this noodle as pasta, stir-fried noodles and soup noodles♪


SSK Goma Creamy (Creamy Sesame) Dressing 300ml

$3.80 $3.40

No Amino acid used.

The creamy sesame dressing matches with any type of vegetable. Especially this dressing goes well with wakame & tofu salad.
Also it is nice with boiled sliced pork or beef.

Kohya Tofu (Dried Tofu) 165g

$3.80 $3.40

Kohya Tofu is one of Japanese traditional ingredients used for Japanese stew with dashi. Great sourse of various nutrition such as amino acid, lecithin or Vitamin E.
Easy to cook because of the texture and goes well with any ingredient.

This product uses GMO free soy beans.

Check some recipes using 'Kohya Tofu"!!

Umakaro Gomoku Yasai Ramen Shoyu (Vegetable Soy Sauce Ramen) Cup 74g

$2.30 $2.05

Meat Free vegetable ramen with soy sauce based soup.
Just open the soup sachet and pour hot water. It is ready to eat after 3 mins!