Winter SALE is Here!!

Winter SALE is Here!!


Daisho Buta Uma Nabe Soup (Dashi Based Hot Pot Soup for Pork Belly Slices) for 3-4 serves

$4.20 → $3.80 

Mixed dashi soup of bonito, snapper, kelp and shrimps with the aroma of sake especially to enjoy pork slices. This dashi soup is perfect for shabu shabu as well.


Kanetetsu Delica Foods Sozai Age Edamame (Fish Cakes with Soy Beans) 115g

$3.30 $2.95

No added preservative.

The saltiness from edamame & fish cake matches well. Great snack for your drink, and bento♪


Chikuwa Fish Cake Sticks Half Cut 17p(425g)

$4.80 $4.30

This half cut chikuwa is perfect for tempura. Just dip in tempura butter and deep fry it until it gets crispy. Chikuwa tempura is nice by itself and with soba or udon noodles.


Nissui Yaki Onigiri (Seasoned Rice Balls to Grill) 70gx10p

$12.00 $10.80 (Exclude Gold Coast Shop)

Perfect for breakfast, lunch or BBQ!
Yaki Onigir with sweet soy sauce taste will be loved by many people.