Easy recipe for when you're a little hungry or evening meal!夜食用、小腹が空いた時用の簡単レシピ!

Shiso Butter Udon

Umami Nama Udon 200g 1袋
Shiso Furikake(Red Shiso Rice Seasoning) 100g 2g
バター 10g
Let's start with the ingredients.
Umami Nama Udon 200g 1 pack
Shiso Furikake (Red Shiso Rice Seasoning) 100g 2g
Butter 10g

Umami Nama Udon 200gの袋のノッチ部分を少しカットします。(約1~2 cmほど)
Cut a small notch in the bag of Umami Nama Udon 200g. (about 1-2 cm).
Heat in a microwave oven: approximately 2 minutes at 600w or 1 minute at 1200w.

やけどに注意しながら、電子レンジで加熱したUmami Nama Udon 200gを
Remove microwaved Umami Nama Udon 200g into a container, taking care not to burn yourself.

Shiso Furikake 2gをUmami Nama Udon 200gにふりかけます。
Sprinkle 2g of Shiso Furikake over 200 g Umami Nama Udon.

Stir once to loosen the noodles.

バター 10gを加え、更に良く馴染ませます。
Add 10g of butter and mix further.

Nama Udon 200gの麺全体に材料がからまれば出来上がりです。
Nama Udon 200g noodles are ready when the ingredients are incorporated throughout the noodles.

*この時にPaper Donburi Bowl (Base) 850mlをご使用頂けば、洗い物も無く楽ちんです。
*If you use the Paper Donburi Bowl (Base) 850 ml at this time, there is no washing up to do.


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