Acqua Pazza & Easy Pasta

Acqua Pazza & Easy Pasta

Ingredients(4 serves) : Your favourite Fish Fillets 300g / Garland Chrysanthemum 100g / Small Tomatoes 10 pieces / Your favourite Mushrooms 2 hands full / White Wine 400ml / Olive Oil 1 tbsp / Salt & Black Peppers

1))Remove excess water of fillets with paper towel and sprinkle some salt & black peppers.

2)Heat up olive oil on a non-stick pan and brown both sides of fillets.

3)Add mushrooms and fry lightly around fillets.

4)Add garland chrysanthemum and small tomatoes and pour white wine over. Put lids on and turn up to mid to high heat to burn off alcohol.

5)Open the lids and add salt & black pepper adjusting the taste.

Easy Pasta with the Left Over Sauce

1)While making Acqua Pazza, boil 4 serves pasta.

2)Leave as much as sauce of Acqua Pazza on the pan, and add well drained pasta.

3)Add tube or fresh chopped basil & parmesan cheese 1 tbsp. Adjust the taste with salt & black pepper, and it is done!

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