Ario-Orio peperoncino in dried konjack noodles

Ario-Orio peperoncino in dried konjac noodles

It will teach a simple dish pasta called "despair of dried konjac noodles"  in the sense that the cook is not applied any more hand.


Material (2 servings)
dried konjac noodles・・・・160g
Garlic・・・・1/2 pieces
Red pepper・・・・1piece
Olive oil・・・・6 tbsp
Italian parsley・・・・suitable amount (in taste)

How to make
1. Put olive oil, and sliced garlic in a frying pan and put it on the fire.

2. Tip a frying pan and heat the whole.
Heat it up to the smell of garlic spreads in olive oil.

3. If garlic is coloured slightly, stop the fire and take it out on the cooking paper.

4. Boil dried konjac noodles. Cut pepper with scissors, and add to the frying pan.
Since burnt easy, it will note.

5. Add  dried konjack noodles which boiled slightly hard in frying pan and toss well with emulsified.

Boil dried konjac noodles fast as one minute than the display of the bag. Add garlic in pasta at last and has a feeling of crunch-crunch.

It is important that add the fragrance of garlic to olive oil well.
After having roasted garlic crisply,  stop fire.
It does not overdo heating red pepper and dried konjac noodles if use the residual heat.
And if emulsify it enough to become clouded slightly, a source entangle in dried konjac noodles smoothly.
Because salt is not used only when boil dried konjac noodles, and make sure salt taste before boiling up.



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