Butter corn curry omusubi バターコーンカレーおむすび

Butter corn curry omusubi

Ingredients (serves2):
材料 (2人分)

200g cooked rice
200g ご飯

20g sausage
20g ウインナー

1g salt
1g 塩

5g melted butter
5g バター

1 teaspoon curry powder
小さじ1 カレー粉

10g corn
10g コーン

3 Step Recipe:

Step 1
Prepare 200g of cooked rice.

Step 2
Add 5g of butter, 1 teaspoon of curry powder, 1g of salt, 10g of corn, and 20g of sausages to the prepared rice, and mix well.

Step 3
Place the rice on plastic wrap and shape it into triangles.

Click here for the cooking video(調理動画はこちらをクリック)

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