Grilled miso paste with green onion ねぎ味噌

Grilled miso paste with green onion

Ingredients (serves1):
材料 (1人分)

50g green onion
50g 青ねぎ

45g soybean paste
45g 味噌

30g sweet sake
30g みりん

30g cooking sake
30g 酒

15g sugar
15g 砂糖

2g ginger
2g 生姜

5g soy sauce
5g 醤油

2g bonito flakes
2g かつお節

5g sesame oil
5g ごま油

3 Step Recipe:

Step 1
Mix together miso, mirin, sake, and sugar.

Step 2
Sauté green onions in sesame oil.

Step 3
Add the combined seasoning ingredients from step 1 and bonito flakes, and sauté until it reaches a certain firmness.
Click here for the cooking video(調理動画はこちらをクリック)

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