Gyoza and Heathly summer vegetable Latatouille

Gyoza and Healthy summer vegetable Latatouille

An exquisite dish with umami of juicy gyoza, the sourness of tomato and the sweetness of vegetables. Perfect dish for this coming summer!



1. Cut *vegetables into 1cm to 1.5cm dice pieces

2. Finely chop garlic and chilli

3. Using a medium pan, add 3 tbsp of olive oil, chopped garlic and chilli on low heat until garlic is fragrant.

4. Toss 1. and stir on medium heat until fragrant and cooked.

5. Add can of tomato. If whole tomato is used crush as you stir.

6. Once the sauce simmers, add chicken/beef stock and continue to simmer on low heat for 15 mins until vegetables soften.

7. Place frozen Gyoza on a separate frying pan. Add 30cc of cooking oil and 100cc of water.

8. Cover the lids and cook 5-6 mins on medium heat.

9. Take off the lids and boil off the excess water and continue to cook gyoza until the bottom surface turns golden brown.

10. Cook 6. until the sauce becomes 2/3, adjust with salt and pepper and turn off the heat.

11. Place gyoza on a plate and pour 10. on top. Add basil and ready to enjoy!

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