Healthy Okara Soy Bean Powder Salad

Healthy Okara Soy Bean Powder Salad

<Ingredients(4 serves)>

・Dry Okara Soy Bean Powder......150ml

・Water.....450ml(3 times of Okara Powder)

・Onion(Red Onion)..... 1/4

・1/2 tin Saba Mizuni (Cooked Mackerel with Salt)/ Tinned Tuna(in Oil/Brine)

・Mayonnaise...... 3 tbs

・Coriander(if you like)

<How to make>

1. Let Okara Powder absorb the water .

2. Finely chop up onion & coriander.

3. Mix everything together. Adjust the taste with Mayonnaise and salt & pepper.

It is also nice to add roasted sesame seeds or nuts

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