Karaage onigiri with chili mayo sauce 唐揚げおにぎり チリマヨソース味

Karaage onigiri with chili mayo sauce
唐揚げおにぎり チリマヨソース味

Ingredients (serves1):
材料 (1人分)

100g cooked rice
100g ご飯

20g Umami Chicken Karaage ICHIBAN
20g Umami チキン唐揚一番

2 pinch salt
2つまみ 塩

2g sesame seeds
2g ゴマ

10g mayonnaise
10g マヨネーズ

2push chili oil
2プッシュ ラー油

1/3 nori seaweed
1/3 海苔

5 Step Recipe:

Step 1
Add two pinches of salt and 2 grams of sesame seeds to 100 grams of rice, mix well.

Step 2
Add mayonnaise and chili oil to 20 grams of finely chopped Umami chicken karaage, mix well.
小さく刻んだUmami チキン唐揚一番20gにマヨネーズとラー油を加え、良くからませる

Step 3
Cut the seaweed into thirds. Using medium heat and taking care not to let the flame directly touch
the seaweed to avoid burns, lightly toast the seaweed on both sides 7-8 times to make it crisp.
海苔を3分の1のサイズにカットする 中火の火で炎が直接海苔にあたらない様に火傷に注意しながら、

Step 4
Place the rice mixed with chili mayonnaise on plastic wrap, add the prepared filling, and shape into onigiri (rice balls).

Step 5
Wrap the onigiri filled with the prepared ingredients with the toasted seaweed.
Click here for the cooking video(調理動画はこちらをクリック)

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