Okaka Cheese Curry Onigiri おかかとチーズカレーおむすび

Okaka Cheese Curry Onigiri


Ingredients (serves 2):

材料 (2人分)

200g cooked rice
白飯 200g
20g processed cheese (cut into small pieces)
プロセスチーズ(角切り) 20g
10g Hachi curry powder
ハチ食品 カレー粉 10g

1.5g Kanei bonito flakes
カネイかつお節 1.5g

10g Yamasa Kombu soup base
ヤマサ昆布つゆ 10g

[1] In a bowl, mix [A] lightly, then add cooked rice and
mix well to combine. Add processed cheese and mix.
[1] ボウルに[A]を入れて軽く混ぜ、白飯を加え全体によく混ぜます。

[2] Divide [1] into 2 portions and shape into onigiri.
[2] [1]を2等分にし、おにぎりを作ります。

The umami of bonito flakes pairs well with the curry flavor.
The addition of cheese makes it perfect for bento boxes!
Also great as a snack or light meal.

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