Sesame chicken rice bowl セサミチキン丼


Ingredients (serves1):
材料 (1人分)

150g Umami Chicken Karaage ICHIBAN
150g Umami チキン唐揚一番

15g Honey
15g はちみつ

10g Sugar
10g 砂糖

15g Soy Sauce
15g 濃口醤油

15g Water
15g 水

15g Ketchup
15g ケチャップ

5g Vinegar
5g 酢

10g Sesame Oil
10g ごま油

Corn Slurry (corn flour 5g + water 60g)
水溶き片栗粉 (コーンスターチ 5g + ミス 60g)

Preheat the oven to 180℃ and warm the 150g of Karaage Ichiban for approximately 15 minutes.
150gのkaraage ichibanを180℃に予熱したオーブンで約15分温める。

Combine all seasoning ingredients in a frying pan, mix well until the sugar is fully dissolved, and bring to a boil.
Add Corn Slurry and mix well again, bringing to a boil once more.

Return the warmed Karaage Ichiban to the frying pan and thoroughly coat it with the sauce.
温めておいたkaraage ichibanをフライパンに戻し、ソースをkaraage ichibanに良く絡める。

Serve rice in a bowl, arrange sesame chicken and broccoli neatly on top.

Finally, sprinkle lightly with salt on top. A small amount of salt enhances the sweetness of the egg, making it even more delicious to enjoy.


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