Paradise YUKI SHIO Salt 120g

Paradise Plan SKU: DSUG517
Paradise YUKI SHIO Salt 120g
Paradise YUKI SHIO Salt 120g

Paradise YUKI SHIO Salt 120g

Paradise Plan SKU: DSUG517
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"Salt that is particular about preserving seawater components."

Although Okinawa is known for its beautiful sea, Miyakojima is said to have the clearest sea. The pumped up underground seawater is rich in Ryukyu limestone components, and snow salt is salt that is made to condense all of it, even the bitterness that is normally removed. All of the seawater used in Yukishio is pumped up 22 meters underground from the factory.

Snow salt is crystallized while still containing Magnesium Chloride.

- Concentrated seawater is sprayed onto a piping hot metal plate to evaporate the water in 2 seconds.

It crystallizes in an instant and becomes a smooth powder. (I didn't grind it)

Since the water evaporates in 2 seconds, there is no time for the bittern and salt to separate.

I was able to trap all the bitterness in the salt. As a result, the sodium chloride content in snow salt is approximately 77%.

The rest is made up of bittern ingredients. Snow salt is rich in magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

-Bitter bittern crystallizes at a temperature that does not make it bitter, giving it a mellow taste.

Comparison of ingredients contained in snow salt

<Amount of various ingredients in 100g of product>

Sea salt *Recycled processed salt

Snow Salt Comparasent
Equivalent amount of Salt  95.2g 72.6g 0.8 times 
Magneisum  110mg 3310mg 30 times 
Calcium  90mg 832mg 8 times 
Potassium 50mg 1000㎎ 20 times 







*Please disregard the Best Before Date on image.


Sea salt.

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