Hinode Kakedashi Tsuyu 18ml

Hinode SKU: FTSU500
Hinode Kakedashi Tsuyu 18ml
Hinode Kakedashi Tsuyu 18ml

Hinode Kakedashi Tsuyu 18ml

Hinode SKU: FTSU500
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This product description highlights Hinode Kakedashi Tsuyu 18ml, a specialized soup for their udon. The soup has a distinct flavor of bonito extract and can be used for both hot and cold udon dishes. To prepare, dilute 300 ml of hot water for soup or 100 ml of water for dipping sauce and add sugar and mirin to taste.

Experience the true umami of Sanuki's noodle factory with our authentic Hinode Kakedashi Tsuyu 18ml. Made with traditional bonito and unique sardine flavor, this soup stock is rich and satisfying, perfect for any dish.

Each portion is carefully enveloped in aluminum packaging to maintain its distinctive taste.

When storing ''Soy sauce'' and ''bukkake dashi'' in a refrigerator after opening, there will be minimal changes to their taste due to their small dilution ratio. However, ''kake-dashi,'' which is diluted 10 times and packaged individually in aluminum, can be stored for a long time without losing its flavor.

*Please dilute to approximately 300cc.
You can also boil it.
If you want to use it as a strong dipping sauce, dilute it with 80cc to 100cc of hot water or water.
Also, please adjust the taste with sugar to your liking.


うどんの中に入っているかけだしが、 本当に評判がよく このダシだけを100袋単位でご注文頂く お客様や料理屋さんがおられます。

讃岐の製麺所ならではのいりこの風味を活かした 本格風味のだしです。

無駄のように思われますが 風味を損なわないように1人前分づつ個別にアルミ包装いたしております。
「醤油」とか「ぶっかけだし」は希釈の割合が少ないので 開封後、冷蔵庫で保存すれば 味はそれほど変化しませんが 「かけだし」のように10倍くらいに希釈するものは少量でアルミ個包装のものが一番風味を損なわず長期間保存できると思われます。

濃いめでつけだしで使用する場合 80cc~100ccのお湯または水で薄めてください。

*Please disregard the Best Before Date on image.


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