*Niigata Rice 5kg*

ichibajunction SKU: DRIC529
*Niigata Rice 5kg*
*Niigata Rice 5kg*

*Niigata Rice 5kg*

ichibajunction SKU: DRIC529
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*Rinse Free Rice

Niigata rice is renowned for its exceptional taste and texture, characterized by a sweet, rich flavour and an ideal balance of stickiness and firmness. Grown in Niigata's ideal climate with pure water sources and fertile soils, the rice benefits from strict quality control and advanced polishing techniques. The region's long history and cultural dedication to rice farming ensure superior quality, with varieties like Koshihikari often considered the gold standard of Japanese rice. 



How to cook 

  1. Soak rice in water for 30 to 40 minutes before cooking or after washing rice, drain water, cover it with food wrap in a cooking bowl.(*The rice to water ratio is 250g Rice : 300ml Water)

  2. Then store in the fridge overnight for the next day cooking.


  1. 炊く前に米を水に30~40分浸すか、米を洗った後、水を切って調理ボウルに入れ、ラップで覆います。(*米と水の比率は、米250g:水300mlです)

  2. 翌日の調理のために冷蔵庫で一晩保存します。


*Please disregard the Best Before Date on image.


Milled Rice 100%

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