Omoriya Ryokuo Yasai (Vegetable) FURIKAKE 45g

Omoriya SKU: DSEA550EA
Omoriya Ryokuo Yasai (Vegetable) FURIKAKE 45g
Omoriya Ryokuo Yasai (Vegetable) FURIKAKE 45g

Omoriya Ryokuo Yasai (Vegetable) FURIKAKE 45g

Omoriya SKU: DSEA550EA
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Delicious and healthy! motto.
It all started with a simple parental desire to help children who don't like vegetables grow up healthy while eating delicious rice. Today, it has become Omoriya's flagship furikake. 12 kinds of green and yellow vegetables are delicious and easy to take.
The biggest feature is the goodness of the colors! I'm trying to make it look delicious to eat.
It is a small capacity type that is easy to use up.


*Please disregard the Best Before Date on image.


Lactose (foreign-produced), roasted sesame seeds, sugar, dried bonito and mackerel mixed shavings, soybeans, salt, starch, radish leaves, carrots, seaweed, soy sauce, glucose, dextrin, egg yolk powder, pumpkin, kelp, spinach, brown sugar, unrefined sake, fermentation Seasoning, matcha green tea, paprika, green peas, kale, bok choy, tomato, dried bonito extract, vegetable protein hydrolyzate, broccoli, Japanese mustard spinach, vegetable oil, asparagus, dietary fiber, sea lettuce, lemon, kelp extract, mirin, sake, red pepper , shrimp extract/seasoning (amino acids, etc.), modified starch, eggshell calcium, coloring (carotenoid, caramel, gardenia, monascus, safflower yellow), cellulose, thickener (xanthan gum), antioxidant (VE), V .B1, acidulant, sweetener (licorice), (contains eggs, milk ingredients, wheat, shrimp, sesame, mackerel, and soybeans)

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