Yamadai Duck SOBA 117g [12]

Yamadai Shokuhin SKU: DRAM664
Yamadai Duck SOBA 117g [12]
Yamadai Duck SOBA 117g [12]
Yamadai Duck SOBA 117g [12]
Yamadai Duck SOBA 117g [12]

Yamadai Duck SOBA 117g [12]

Yamadai Shokuhin SKU: DRAM664
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What is "Sugomen"

These noodles undergo a careful process similar to those employed by ramen shops, drastically changing from the past conventional noodles of cup noodles, which required over a decade of research. Through boiling, they achieve a delightful chewiness and smoothness reminiscent of authentic ramen establishments. Moreover, avoiding the traditional frying method in favor of hot air drying preserves their natural flavour and texture, offering a truly enjoyable culinary experience.

Duck Soup Soba

These cup noodles are made with flavorful non-fried soba noodles made with freshly ground buckwheat flour, a charcoal-grilled duck meat flavored soup, and juicy chicken dumplings that go well with this soup. Furthermore, it has a light soup that goes well with medium-thick soba noodles.

Boiling time: 5 minutes.






*Please disregard the Best Before Date on image.


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