Salmon Tempura Miso Sauce

Salmon Tempura Miso Sauce

Ingredients: 4 Salmon Fillets , 100g Tempura flour, salt and pepper, miso 2 tbs, cooking sweet sake (Mirin) 3 tbs, 1 tbs dashi stock powder,  3 egg york, 1 tbs mustard

1) Sprinkle salt and pepper to the salmon fillets.

2) In a small pan, put misomirin cooking sweet sake, musturd, dashi stock and egg york,
cook over low hear.

3) Combine tempura flour and water in a bowl.

4) Put salmon in tempura butter and turn to coat thoroughly.

5) Deep fry salmon in heated salad oil until golden brown. Remove excess oil onto cooking paper.

6) Drizzle miso sauce onto salmon tempura just before eating.

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