What is WAGYU Beef?

What is WAGYU Beef?

2022-02-02 11:54:13


Q: What is WAGYU? What is the difference between Wagyu beef and other beef?

A: WAGYU is not just a term refers to any beef from Japan. Wagyu is a specific breed of Japanese cattle with special genetic qualities.

A: The biggest difference between Wagyu and other beef is the marbling. Marbling refers to the layers of intramuscular fat and it has high fatty acids. It means the fat is not ordinary fat and tastier and healthier.





Q: Where the wagyu come from?

A: Our Wagyu beef is from wide range of local farms in Australia such as Stockyard QLD, AACO QLD, Rangers Valley NSW, and Oakey Wagyu NSW.





Q: What is special about Wagyu meat at Ichiba Junction?

A: All our wagyu meat products are produced by Wagyu One which is professional Wagyu Restaurant on Burke Street in Melbourne CBD. Please visit Wagyu One website.






Q: There are so many different parts. Which one should I buy?

A: Here is an image and a chart to follow which meat is the best choice for your needs.



*Characteristics of each meat*

wagyu chart English


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